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Welcome to affordable photography by nancy gatsios

My mission...

Since premiering my business in 2010, my steadfast goal has been to offer beautiful portraits at affordable prices. I provide full service photography, offering in-home and on-location shooting. I devote a great deal of time and attention to creating beautiful images for my clients and follow up with state of the art editing capabilities, innovative product offerings and truly premium photographic processing.


About pricing...

My pricing when compared to other full service photographers is indeed affordable. When compared with your local big box store or department store photographer, I am not cheap. But, to be clear, cheap is not the goal. My investment of time and care, paired with  specialized skills and carefully chosen photographic processing and product offerings do equate to an investment on the part of my clients.

I want to thank the many clients who have put their faith in my abilities over the years, trusting me to capture important moments in the lives of your families. It is an honor to chronicle your important milestones. It is especially gratifying to work with families over and over again and it my privilege to share in so many of life’s important events with you.

    Affordable Photography
	af•ford•a•ble |‌ ‌ə' fördəbəl |‌
		¹ inexpensive; reasonably priced
		² that may be afforded
		³ that one has the financial means for 
	cheap | CHēp |
		¹ a bargain; low in price; cheapness
		² of comparatively small value; common;                     
		³ of very poor quality

I truly value this wonderful area and I do my best to contribute to my community as I chronicle life’s special events in the Highland and Medina community. To those I have not yet had the chance to work with, I welcome your inquiries and hope you will find that I offer an affordable yet high quality resource for all your photographic needs.